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The Roots of Healing

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The Women’s Wisdom Temple is a space for women’s gatherings, workshops, talking circles, singing groups, master-mind groups, ceremonies and rituals.

A group is created when there is a need or a yearning shared by a number of women. Sometimes the idea germinates from a common thread that Karen is seeing with her clients, other times the seed comes from a client who has a number of friends curious and seeking help on a similar issue.

Always the conversations are spirited and the wisdom of the group is teased forward through the intuitive guidance that Karen brings to each gathering.

There are several of these groups that are formed throughout the year.

Coming up, we are offering experiential therapeutic workshops:

At My Mother’s Feet

which is about taking apart the unconscious patterns we learned from our mothers.

Into the Mother’s Embrace

for “motherless” women to grieve and heal this wound.

If the topics are of interest please contact Karen directly to be included.

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~Carl Jung

The Roots of Healing

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