What REALLY creates disease? And what can we do about it?

In the homeopathic system of medicine, we believe that health is a state of freedom; freedom from pain and restriction in the body and freedom from pain and restriction in the mind. These things seem pretty clear, and basically mean that you can forget about the body and the mind, and get on with creative and soulful living.


But most of us don’t experience this freedom. Most of us feel aches and pains in the body, and mental/emotional symptoms such as anxiety or depression in the mind. These symptoms become front and center, and distract us from living wholeheartedly.

We have been “trained” by modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, to “remove” these uncomfortable symptoms by taking drugs. We have been told that the symptoms are the problem and need to be eliminated. While it is true that drugs can eliminate our awareness of symptoms, they don’t eliminate the disease process that is going on underneath.


What if we viewed our symptoms as information to consider? What is our headache about? What is our anxiety trying to tell us? Why do we feel such irritability and desire to drink? Why are we eating to excess every night in front of the TV?


These symptoms are messages from our vital force that something is out of balance and desperately needs attention. These “energetic” imbalances (symptoms) are the beginning of a deeper disease process. This disease process can be slowed or stopped right here, at this level, before it progresses further.

If we choose to pay attention and HEAL these symptoms, with homeopathic energy medicine, we can prevent further illness. If we choose to ignore, or suppress the symptoms with drugs, we can drive the disease deeper into our organism, causing more destruction.


If you understand that disease actually develops out of an imbalance in the vital force, then it is an easy choice to heal the smaller symptoms before they progress to deeper tissue changes in the body.

You can alter the trajectory of your health today!


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