“Something has changed within me / Something is not the same…”

I believe that in an ideal world, homeopathy would be an essential component in everyone’s physical, mental and spiritual health care.

Having known Karen for a number of years, I can wholeheartedly agree with the comments already on this page regarding her abilities as a therapist and homeopath.

What I would like to add is that she is a seeker in the truest sense – open to the various avenues of greatest potential, balance and wellbeing – in her search to bring these elements back into the lives of those with whom she works.

While recovering from minor surgery, I had a lot of time to reflect on where/how my life was going. I am an artist and had not painted in several months – felt no energy around it at all. Karen suggested the homeopathic eagle blood remedy, which I took.

Although I didn’t feel any difference with the first dose, the second produced a dream in which I felt an energy that had weightlessness to it, as well as a sense of intrinsic, centered power.

The next day, there was a further change in energy – an opening out, and a sense of expanding height and depth and width to the space around and within me, connecting – very like the easy strength and power an eagle must feel.

In the two weeks following, I began to realize this was about not using the creative gifts I’ve been given – always putting my art last – worrying about money, so putting jobs first. Then the shock: my life-long held belief and fear that I was “not good enough” as an artist was disintegrating! I’ve since realized that this remedy allows me – literally – to enjoy a worldview.

I feel clearly defined, self-contained, but in wonderfully balanced context with the world around me.

And I am painting!

There’s been an interior cosmic shift, leaving me with peaceful, creative self-assurance. Not about pride, more like recognition, a stepping-into something that is simply and exactly right.


Karen’s ability to uniquely combine deep Jungian therapy and homeopathy with her own remarkable insight and intuition has enabled me to heal in ways I would never have thought possible.  Emotional blocks that have seemed insurmountable (even with standard therapy) become challenges to deal with and move on from.

She has a remarkable ability to see both the big and little picture.  Karen is a true professional, ethical as well as sensitive and knowledgeable.  She is also a healer in the most profound energetic sense.  With her help and guidance, I am transforming my life towards health.

Two family members were cured by Karen of tick-borne illness: one had Lyme disease no longer responding to antibiotics; the other was acutely ill with Anaplasmosis, had some improvement on allopathic medicine, but only recovered full health after Karen prescribed homeopathic treatment.

Karen’s skills as a homeopath have also helped heal our dogs of both physical and behavioral problems and saved the lives of two of them.    With homeopathy, she can treat problems that have no treatment in allopathic medicine. 


Karen’s skills and abilities as a practitioner and homeopath helped me improve my emotional and physical health. She is a phenomenal therapist and her insight as a homeopath cured many of my ailments for me and my children. She is intuitive, sensitive, professional and easy to work with. She saved my life. She is a true healer! 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~Carl Jung

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