The holiday season seems a good time

to talk about ANXIETY……  

What does your holiday anxiety look like?

  • Do I have enough money to buy presents for everyone?  Will I remember everyone I am supposed to buy for? Will my kids, friends or other family members like what I got for them?  Will I sense disappointment when they open my gift?
  • Is my house decorated enough?
  • What will I wear to any parties or gatherings?  Do I look good this year?  Am I heavier, smaller, older, or sicker than I was last year?
  • What will I talk to people about at parties? Is my life going along as it should be, or am I having problems?  Can I share this, or do I need to put on a happy face?
  • Maybe I will just soothe myself with the food and the drinks.  Am I eating too much?  Drinking too much?  Am I too stressed?  Am I enjoying my life, or is this all there is?
  • What is happening with my marriage?  What is happening with being single?


Holidays can be a time when what is underlying the surface of our lives rears its head.  Memories of Christmas from childhood; be they happy or unhappy, they all have an impact on the present holiday.

We are bringing some of this joy, sorrow, and expectation with us, every step of the way.  It can be conscious or unconscious.  We make dishes that our mother or grandmother made and the very smell of this food, can drop us down into a memory bank.  Often these memories can create vague anxieties as well.

If you are finding yourself stressed, anxious, irritable, not sleeping, and struggling with your feelings and moods this holiday season, homeopathy and flower essences can offer some gentle support.

One of the best remedies for the holidays is Nux Vomica.  It is a good remedy for feeling irritable and eating and drinking too much.  It is a good remedy for hangovers as well.  Get a bottle of 30C at your local health food store and take 2 pellets every hour until you feel better.  You can also put the two pellets in a bottle of water and sip it throughout the day.

To reduce anxiety and stress the best remedy is flower essences.  Good old five flower cannot be beat in terms of its ability to calm and soothe a harried person.  This remedy is also known as rescue remedy. The newer versions have extra ingredients that work incredibly well.

You can take a few drops of this under the tongue; you can take a whole dropper full if needed, or you can put it in your bath.  It also comes in a spray bottle that you can spray around your kids if they are acting up.

They even have a kids version called, Kindergarden.  Many of my young clients ask for this remedy as it helps them relax.  Epsom salts baths are good for reducing stress that is held in the body and also can help detox the extra food and drink.

Could this year be different?  Could you make a new ritual for family time together that includes less presents and more connections?

Have a safe and happy, relaxed and stress-free holiday season.

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