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The Roots of Healing

Imagine a Feeling of Health & Wellbeing in Your Body

Good Enough Retreats are small, intimate gatherings of women who meet monthly and work together on healing a particular challenge they all face. Karen brings her 30 years of experience to these events and shares what has worked for countless women. These retreats provide 12 monthly sessions of connection, emotional support, and a brief time out from your normal routine where you can focus your energies on what is important to you.


These retreats are experiential. We will thoroughly explore the topic of the month and come away with a different perspective. There will be time for sharing and reflecting.
Each retreat will include an intention circle where women will receive the benefit of our collective energies. (Based on the book, “The Power of Eight” by Lynne McTaggart).

If you have been thinking you might need therapy but are not quite ready, these retreats could be a great start!

Your experience will include:

Key elements to creating a satisfying life

Changing painful patterns of not feeling good enough

Building a healthy foundation for making the changes you desire

Creating a space for Aha moments

Investing energy into YOURSELF

Addressing core issues that keep us stuck

Creating new friends and emotional support

Growing and evolving as a woman

Developing deeper emotional intelligence

Here are the 12 Good Enough Retreat topics for 2020

Creating a vision for your life for 2020 and beyond. Identifying what is preventing you from living your best life What are your core beliefs?

Why do we treat ourselves so badly? Why is it so uncomfortable to be kind to ourselves?
What is guilt and shame and how can I stop feeling this way?
How do these twin feelings show up in you? What can you do about healing them?
Why we need our feelings
If only my body would……then I can be happy……
I try to set a boundary but others don’t respect it…..
This retreat will focus on the willingness to upset, anger or disappoint others.
How our mother set the stage for our life and how to get on a new stage
What is the divine feminine? Why do I need it and how can it help me?
When it comes down to it, belonging and feeling lovable are the two most sought after feelings.
What does it mean to care for our soul? Is it the same as having a spa day?

Additional Details & Pricing:

Groups meet on Saturday each month from 10-3, with lunch from 12-1.
We will provide a light lunch. If you have special dietary needs please bring your own food. Cost for each session is $75. If you sign up for all 12, you will get one free session.

You can attend as many of the retreats as you choose, however the most benefit will come from attending all 12. Once registration is full for each session we will hold a wait-list, so please make sure to let us know at ASAP if you cannot attend.

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~Carl Jung

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