What Can We Do in These Trying Times?

“The woman power of this nation can be the power which makes us whole and heals the rotten community, now so shattered by war and poverty and racism. I have great faith in the power of women who will dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the task of remaking our society.”
–Coretta Scott King (April 27, 1968)

What can we, as individual women, do, to alter the seemingly hopeless path that our society is on? Would it surprise you to know that the most important thing you can do for our world, is to take care of yourself?

When a woman is strong and healthy she can feel the truth, speak her voice, use her anger for change, heal her family, her community, and her world. It is when the pain and trauma takes a toll on her, that she weakens and succumbs to numbing herself with various methods of “pain control”.


So what do we do when the anxiety and depression is overwhelming? What have we been “trained” to do? We have been told all our lives if we feel depressed and anxious that we should go to our doctor and get a prescription to feel better. We were not told of the side effect of these drugs. We were not told of the consequences to our health of suppressing our emotions and feelings.


Anxiety and depression are a warning system from deep within, to let us know that something is wrong. If we take away the warning system, the problem does not go away, it merely quiets down, only to show up with greater intensity at a later time. As women, our built in warning systems, should not be subdued; they should be welcomed, listened to, and given a seat at the table.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that can assist us to heal without suppressing our feelings. We can feel better, while still having our voice, our intuition and our feminine power. Drugs on the other hand, offer numbness and take away our feelings and voice. We are less effective and less in touch with what we can do to truly heal ourselves and the planet.


There is Help! You don’t have to suffer! And you have healthy choices about what to put in your body!

Treating yourself with natural medicines that gently stimulate healing IS a way to heal the planet!

~ One Woman At A Time! ~

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