Many of the women in my practice were living lives of “quiet desperation” for several years before they realized the power they actually had, to restore their health.

In our modern medical model society, we are taught to suppress and ignore our feelings & emotions and are labeled as too sensitive.

If we experience anxiety or depression, we are told to go get medication for a “brain imbalance” so that we can rid ourselves of these inconvenient and unnecessary discomforts.

We begin to feel that we are at fault for having an “abnormal” condition.

We are not supported to explore what these feelings and emotions are actually trying to tell us.

We are not given tools to work through and heal the traumas that caused these feelings and “symptoms” in the first place.


How could your life be different if your feelings, emotions, and symptoms were acknowledged, validated and supported as NORMAL?

What if you had tools to heal and transform uncomfortable anxiety and depression rather than suppressing it?


In his book, “When the Body Says No”, Dr. Gabor Mate makes the case that certain personalities and ways of being in the world, contribute to physical illness.

The most concerning of these is the suppression of emotions. Throughout this book, Dr. Mate presents many cases of illness and the correlation to being disconnected from one’s own emotional life.

My practice, Homeopathic Psychotherapy, is an invitation to explore what your symptoms are actually communicating. We listen together and make a plan for transforming the discomfort into health.

Homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and gemmos are energy medicines that support and heal, rather than suppress. Your body and mind are one holistic system; and when we pay attention instead of trying to shut it down, your health can be restored! Call today! Take your power and your health back! (319) 337-3313

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